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Elite Warranty for Appliance/Electronics

ELITEWARRANTY SERVICES AGREES with the original owner of this plan to repair or replace or refund the service charge at ELITE WARRANTY's option, the unit or any part(s) of the unit should it become inoperable due to a defect in material or workmanship during the period specified. Such defects will be repaired or replaced without charge for parts or labour to the original plan owner. This is between ELITE WARRANTY SERVICES and the original owner.


In consideration of payment of the service contract price, the issuing dealer through its agent, ELITE WARRANTY SERVICES will furnish labour and replacement parts or pay for same, as is necessary to maintain the product specified in this contract in operating condition during the term of this contract, provided such service is necessitated by product failure during normal usage. It shall be at the sole option of the issuing dealer and ELITE WARRANTY SERVICES whether parts will be replaced as opposed to being repaired. The terms of this service contract shall commence upon the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty.

Service will be provided at an authorized ELITE WARRANTY SERVICES Service Centre or at such other location as may be designated by ELITE WARRANTYSERVICES. All products to be serviced must be delivered to the service centre and picked up from the service shop designated unless in Home Service is specified (where available). Service will be provided during normal business hours. Nothing herein shall obligate ELITE WARRANTY SERVICES to repair or replace appearance or structural items, including but not limited to housing or cabinet and parts thereof, or parts normally designed to be replaced periodically by the purchaser during the life of the product. This contract applies only to the operation of the specified product under conditions for which it was designed, and does not Cover loss or damage resulting from external causes such as, but not limited to, defective or inadequate wiring, outages as a result of public utility company action or inaction, fire, flood, windstorm, hail, lightning, earthquake, theft, misuse or abuse, or connection to other products not recommend for interconnection. Loss or damage resulting from failure to provide manufacturer recommended maintenance is not covered by this contract. Those items which remain subject to manufacturer's warranty are not covered by this contract and should be pursued by owner with the manufacturer. In no event shall the issuing dealer or ELITE WARRANTY SERVICES be liable for consequential damages or delay in rendering service under this contract, or loss of use during the period that the product is at the repair centre awaiting parts. Parts may be replaced with others of like kind and quality. This service contract is limited to the basic product listed above not including add-on items or peripherals.

This plan covers equipment purchased for home or personal use and does not cover equipment used in professional, commercial, or business application unless a fee 3 times the published rate has been paid cellular and computer products excluded.

In the event the owner requires in Home Service and the plan owner fails to keep an in Home Service appointment, the plan owner will be responsible to pay the cost of such service call based on the prevailing rate within the industry.

Maximum liability of this plan shall not exceed the purchase price of the original equipment. Each individual breakdown, failure or damage shall be adjusted on a Replacement cost basis. ELITE WARRANTY SERVICES cannot be held responsible should original manufacturer cease operations and/or parts become unavailable. ELITE WARRANTY SERVICES’ sole liability lies only in refunding the original fee paid for the plan.

This plan does not cover hinges, plastic shelving, or doors.

All software is not covered by this plan.

This warranty does not cover rust.


Call the phone number printed below

NOTE: Unauthorized repairs may void the agreement. You must provide the care and maintenance recommended by the manufacturer's warranty or limited warranty as the case may be: you may be directed to a factory authorized service centre, The issuing dealer reserves the right to inspect the covered product from time to time.


This agreement is for the benefit of the original owner only, but may be transferred by contacting the selling dealer.


This instrument sets forth the entire agreement between the parties and no representation, promise or condition not contained shall modify these items.


Elite Warranty for Furniture


Elite agrees to provide you with a warranty for five years against any factory defects. Elite agrees to provide the service for coverage’s herein stated during five years from the date of delivery of the item(s) described on this certificate. If within five years after delivery, an item becomes accidentally stained during normal residential use and you cannot remove the stain or repair the item yourself following the procedures recommended under the terms listed below Elite will, remove the stain or repair the damage at no cost to you. If the stain or damage cannot be removed or repaired so as to return the item to its preexisting condition, Elite will, at its sole option, replace the affected portion or the complete item. Replacement items will be the same as or similar to the original item purchased, provided the price of the replacement does not exceed the original purchase price.


Upon expiration of the manufacturer's warranty, Elite will provide the buyer with the same coverage provided by the manufacturer's warranty up to a total of five years from the date of delivery. Elite will also provide all the services and functional parts that may be necessary to maintain proper operation of the entire product under normal operation and service for the duration of the service contract without additional charges to the original purchaser of the covered item(s).


The customer(s) named on the sales receipt on this agreement is/are the only one eligible for coverages under this agreement.


Five years from date of delivery.


Owner must report incident to Elite within (7) days of the date the stain or damage occurs.


Service may include any or all of the following.

  • Elite will have the item serviced by a professional at no charge in the customer's home (when available) within a reasonable travel distance. (50 km) from nearest dealer location.
  • If the technician determines repairs must be made outside the home, the item will have to be sent to the nearest service center, Any shipping costs incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • If the technician cannot remove the stain or repair the item, Elite will replace the affected area. If the affected item cannot be re placed, the customer can select a new replacement piece equal to in value to the original purchase price of the damaged item. Repair or replacement is limited to the affected piece only. Elite will not be responsible for dye lot variations.
  • Upon the replacement of any covered product, any and all obligations of Elite warranty under this service plan will deemed to have been fulfilled and this service plan will no longer be in effect and no further services will be provided under this plan.

Upholstered Fabric Furniture

  • * All household food and beverage product stains.
  • Separation of seams.
  • Structural defects to frames such as war page and frame breakage.
  • Breakage and bending of metal components such as recliners and sleeper mechanisms, swivel rocker base and springs.
  • Excessive loss of foam resiliency. Must be more than 50%,
  • Upon expiration of Manufacturer's warranty, Elite will provide same coverage provided by manufacturer's warranty for a period of five years from date of delivery.
  • Clean stained area only as directed.
  • Owner must report incident to Elite within (7) days of the date the stain or damage occurs.
  • Have an authorization number from Elite before repair or replacement can be initiated.

Damage caused by failure to comply with the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and use. Willful abuse or misuse of the covered product. Normal soiling, wear and tear. Buildup of perspiration and body or hair oils. Fading, soiling or damage caused by pets. Dyes, corrosives, gum. Furniture sold as-is. Costs or damages from repairs/cleaning carried out by anyone other than an authorized agent of Elite. Stains caused by non-approved cleaners. Stains or damage caused while in transit, storage, commercial use or rental. Damage caused by fraud, intentional acts, war or hostilities of any kind if arising from illegal activity. Damage caused by acts of God. Anything not specifically mentioned as covered.

This agreement is not renewable. The owner shall reasonably cooperate with Elite in its efforts to perform its obligations under this agreement.” Any provision contained herein which is found to be contrary to provincial or local law shall be deemed null and void; however, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.”



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